Fall Update from Rome

Around six weeks ago I returned to Rome, and what a varied month and a half it has been. My first week back in Rome was filled with conferences; two days about leadership and three days of homily workshops. This year our homily workshops focus on the ritual Masses and higher solemnities. For example: funerals, first communions, Christmas, and Easter. Our second week I was on silent retreat for six days. Following the retreat, I had a week of classes on pastoral counseling.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all! Christ has been born unto us! How blessed are we in this celebration. How blessed have I been this past year in particular. This Christmas I find myself away from home for the first time and, instead, I’m spending it in Krak√≥w, Poland with some of my fellow seminarians from the NAC.

I’m writing from my phone so my adventures will be told at a later time. Until then, may we all welcome the infant Jesus into our homes and hearts with ever more full joy and love, for our savior who has been born unto us.

Lake Garda Hiking Trip

This past weekend, Oct 27th to 29th, myself and two fellow seminarians traveled to Northern Italy, to the Lake Garda region. Besides being beautiful location and in the southern portion of the Alps, at this lake the Austrians and Italians had a front line during WWI. So we planned to head up to Malcesine, on the North East side of the lake on Friday, walk along the mountain ridge on Saturday visiting the WWI fortifications, ending in Nago on the North end of the lake. Then Sunday we would relax in the area before heading back to Rome. You can view all the pictures from the trip in the album here. I took nearly 200 pictures with a selection included below. Continue reading “Lake Garda Hiking Trip”

What I’ve Been Up to the Past Two Weeks

Wow, these past two weeks have been packed and I have had no time to write. There will be many less pictures directly in this post, so be sure to check out the linked albums. Besides having four hours of further Italian classes each day, I’ve had the chance to visit and experience a lot of cool things. There are four that I want to share: Mass and Visit to St. Peter’s, Angelus with the Pope, Trip to Assisi and finally a Scavi Tour. Continue reading “What I’ve Been Up to the Past Two Weeks”