Final Days in Siena, the Palio, and my Return to Rome

Language school is finished, and I am now back in Rome. Well, that first part is partially false. I’ve finished my Italian studies at Siena and starting next week will continue them here at NAC for another month. In these past few days I had the chance to watch Siena transform for the Palio, serve at mass with the Archbishop of Siena for the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, attend the Palio, and then finally travel back to Rome. Continue reading “Final Days in Siena, the Palio, and my Return to Rome”

First Week In Siena

I’ve finished my first week in Siena. I am here studying Italian in an immersion program. So, I am staying with an older woman who doesn’t speak any English and I am in class for about 5-6 hours a day studying Italian. My classes start around nine and finish by four usually. With an hour lunch break during that time. In the afternoon before heading back to where I am staying, I’ve gotten the chance to explore the city a bit. This weekend, because there was no classes, I spent a lot of time wondering the the city. It really is a beautiful little city.

Where I live is outside the city walls. So I take the bus in every morning and home every evening. Then I walk to school in the southern part of the city from the bus station in the northern part of the city. All in, it takes about 40 minutes from when I get on the bus until I get to school.

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