Happy Corpus Christi

Happy Corpus Christi everyone! This year I had the distinct pleasure to be able to celebrate the solemnity twice. Side note, this is something of a pattern for me this liturgical year apparently. Because of my Holy Land pilgrimage I celebrated Epiphany and the Lord’s Baptism twice as noted here. This weeks reason for duplicate celebrations is on account a variation of the liturgical calendar in America and the Extraordinary Form’s calendar. On Thursday I was in choro and part-time crucifier at a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form at Our Lady of Peace in Fords, NJ. It was a truly beautiful mass, with the church fairly well filled. After mass, we had a procession around the church ending with benediction. Today, I served once more at mass (in the Ordinary Form) at my home parish of St. Judes. Mass ended with exposition and later today there will be benediction.

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