Interactive Map of the Parishes in the Diocese of Metuchen

Last March I posted about a poster of my diocese that made. This month I took the data that I collected to make that poster, and made an interactive map.

The map will live permanently at it’s own page linked here. You can currently find all the parishes of the diocese. If you click on the different markers you will see the names parish at a particular location. The one catch is that with merged parishes, the different worship sites aren’t indicated. Over the next couple of months I hope to better indicate the different worship sites for the merged parishes also. If you spot any inaccuracies let me know and so I can correct them.

Diocesan Maps

Since coming to Rome I have picked up a couple hobbies. As I’ve posted a few times, I’ve gotten quite into hiking and backpacking while over here. I think half my travels since moving here have involved hiking in some fashion. Along the way I discovered that it is quite difficult to get decent maps for many of my hikes. So I embarked to learn how to make maps. They started fairly simple, but have progressed to where I am currently working an a topological map for all of Italy. In the process I have developed an appreciation for the art of map making. However much I would like to talk more about that, the hiking maps will have to wait for another day.

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