How to Contact Me in Rome

Many people have asked me about how to contact me while I’m in Italy. So instead of trying to make sure I contact everyone personally, I’ll just place everything here. NB: This is all on the contact page as well. Should anything change I’ll probably post so, but will change the Contact Me page. Basically, I will be reachable (ignoring snail mail) when I have wifi, which should be normally.

Snail Mail:

To be updated

For more information go to: PNAC Mailing

Texting and Calling:

My cellphone still works when I have wifi. So you can call and text me as if I was in America, assuming I am connected to wifi somewhere. That also means that all calls and texts will be considered domestic and NOT INTERNATIONAL.

I also have WhatsApp installed. If you already have my number you can also contact me that way. A third way to reach me is by Skype. You should be able to find me by search for my name Tim Eck II. I have to add you to my contacts on Skype though before you can message or call me on Skype. NB: Of these three, Skype I check the least often. Normally I only sign in to Skype when I plan to talk with someone. So one of the other forms of communication are better for day to day communication.


Any email of mine that you have I still check and answer. That includes my shu and vt emails. My primary one is my gmail account. But, I check them all and respond equally. They all come into the same place for me, so there I have no really preference as to which email to use.

Social Media:

I will still be on Facebook, and so you can message and contact me there as you currently can. I plan to continue to move away from Facebook, excluding Messenger. So I’m not sure how active I will be on Facebook, besides posting from this site and checking my messages on Facebook.

Don’t Have Some of the Above Information:

If you don’t have say, my email, and would like it there are two ways to get that information.

1) Use one of the above methods that you do have to ask for some other contact information. IE: Message me on Facebook for my email.

2) Use the contact form at the bottom of the contact page to ask for that information. Please include some kind of identification so that I know who you are, or else I will just discard the request as spam. The identification can be simply your name and if I might not recognize your name some other context to help me remember your name.