Diocesan Maps

Since coming to Rome I have picked up a couple hobbies. As I’ve posted a few times, I’ve gotten quite into hiking and backpacking while over here. I think half my travels since moving here have involved hiking in some fashion. Along the way I discovered that it is quite difficult to get decent maps for many of my hikes. So I embarked to learn how to make maps. They started fairly simple, but have progressed to where I am currently working an a topological map for all of Italy. In the process I have developed an appreciation for the art of map making. However much I would like to talk more about that, the hiking maps will have to wait for another day.

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Installation as Acolyte

Today my class and I were installed as Acolytes. This is the last ministry that I receive before petitioning for Ordination to the Deacon, God willing next year. You can see the pictures for the Mass here. An Acolyte receives the responsibilities of serving at the altar, or professional altar servers if you will. That is, the Church has now entrusted me with serving in assistance to the priest and deacon at Mass. I am also an extraordinary minister of holy communion through-out the whole Church, and I can in exceptional circumstances expose and repose the Blessed Sacrament for Adoration.

The moment of installation occurs when the presiding bishop hands a ciborium to the candidate (me) and says the words: ” Take this vessel with bread for the celebration of the eucharist. Make your life worthy of your service at the table of the Lord and of his Church.”

New Semester Check-In

This past semester was a long and busy semester. Tomorrow starts the spring semester. So I wanted to take a few moments to let everyone know what I’ve been up to these last several months.

This past summer, as I referenced in a post at the beginning of the summer here, was filled with many great opportunity. First, I had a wonderful backpacking trip on the Via Francigena in Northern Italian, more on that in the coming weeks. In the mean time here are the pictures. Right from the trail I had a great week and a half studying Italian in Verbania, which is on Lago Maggiore near the Swiss-Italian border. After studying Italian, I flew to China for a month to teach English. You can see pictures from my month here. After China I arrived back in Rome to help with orientation for the incoming class of seminarians here.

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Return to the Holy Land

It’s been awhile since my last post, but the semester has been very busy. Luckily, Christmas is a little over a week away and with Christmas, a break from classes. This Christmas break I will be returning to the Holy Land with two other seminarians for around a week. We will spend a few days near Capernaum in Galilee and the rest of the time around Jerusalem. If anyone has any prayer requests, please use the form at the bottom of this post to send me your prayer requests. We don’t have a completely idea of exact locations we are going yet, but it is something of a “best hits” edition. So we hope to make it to the most notable places. In addition to sending in prayer requests, I ask for you prayers for a safe and fruitful pilgrimage.

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I’m Back!

I live! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. This past semester has been busy and I haven’t done many interesting things besides study. But, as of yesterday morning, I have finished my last final for this spring semester. I have officially finished my first year of Theology and year in Rome. (Though not calendar year, that will come in about a month). What an amazing and blessed year it has been. The Lord has truly blessed me with the various opportunities and experiences that I have had. I hope to write another post further reflecting on what this past year has been. Now that the semester is over I am finally on summer “break”. I will be spending my time doing a variety of activities and apostolic work on this side of the pond. Continue reading “I’m Back!”

Exodus – Moses, Israel, and an Inflamed Mt. Sinai

Throughout lent, the scripture reading in the Office of Reading have been from Exodus. This past Tuesday the reading was Ex 32:1-20, which is the Golden Calf incident. While I was mediating on this scripture passage, something struck me that I hadn’t noticed in the past. Normally when we recount this story we focus on Israel’s infidelity, or the drama of Moses casting down the tablets, or how Aaron allowed the people to act in a way and was himself complicity in the Israel’s act of infidelity. Instead it was verse 17 that caught my attention, “Now, when Joshua heard the noise of the people shouting, he said to Moses, “That sounds like a battle in the camp.”” What was Joshua doing there and not at the camp with everyone else? Well he was Moses’ attendant and was permitted to approach closer to the mountain than the rest. But he also wasn’t aware of what the Israelites were doing, because they had withdrawn to the camp. Continue reading “Exodus – Moses, Israel, and an Inflamed Mt. Sinai”

Roman Snow Day

Have you ever had one of those moments where you experienced something so wonderful and unexpected that you couldn’t have imagined it, let alone thought to ask for it? This morning was one of those moments. There were rumors that it was going to snow last night. I didn’t believe that it would snow, nor that it would stick with the ground moisture and temperature. When I woke up this morning, as I was preparing to head to the our chapel, I happened to glance outside and noticed that a few inches of snow covered the ground. This was the first wonderful thing that happened this morning. Today is the first time that it snowed in Rome in six years, and the second time in nearly thirty years.

Rome Snow: Early Morning
From early in the morning on my way to the chapel.

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First Semester Down and Climbing a Mountain

This past Tuesday I finished up my first semester of classes. It was a bit of an adjustment having all my finals be oral and cover the whole semester. But, by the grace of God, I did quite well on all my finals. After finals a fellow seminarian and I traveled down to southern Italy to Pollino National Park (Parco Nazionale del Pollino) to climb Mt. Pollino. The mountain isn’t particularly famous, however, it is over 2,000 meters tall at 2248 m (7373 ft) tall and we would be able to climb it in the winter Continue reading “First Semester Down and Climbing a Mountain”

Institution to the Ministry of Lector

Today, within our community Mass, my class and I were instituted to the ministry of Lector. Photos are available here from the NAC’s official flickr page. In simple worldly terms, that means that I am an official reader for Mass. The installation is more than becoming a reader though. Today’s installation is my first official step towards the altar and so in turn towards priesthood. My call to candidacy this summer placed me at the start of the path, and today I took my first step. My next step, by the Grace of God, will be the institution to the ministry of Acolyte next year. Following Acolyte is Deaconate and then Priesthood, should I be called to Holy Orders. Continue reading “Institution to the Ministry of Lector”