Back to Rome

Today, marks my last day in the States for the summer. This evening I am flying back to Rome to continue my studies and formation for the Priesthood. This academic year will be a big year for me. At the end of the school year I will finish my STB (Sacred Theology Baccalaureate) at the Gregorian University. Next year, I will begin my STL (Sacred Theology Licence) in Sacred Liturgy at the University of the Holy Cross (Santa Croce). The STL is a two year program. This means I will be studying in Rome for a total of three more years. My last year in Rome will (God willing) be my first year of priesthood. A licence in Liturgy means that I will specialize in the liturgical rites of the Catholic Church (beyond what a normal priest is trained in).

Beyond being a big year for academic progression, I will be (God willing) ordained to the Diaconate at the end of the school year in the diocese. So this is an important year of prayer and discernment to make sure that I am prepared to advance towards Holy Orders. I ask for prayers for my classmates and I this year, for our perseverance and growing in understanding God’s will in our lives. Pray also for the diocese and our bishop.

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  1. Tim, I wish you a Great successful year as the world needs strong men like you to pray people redeem their sins to God. This month is a Great start October since its the month of the rosary, and the miracle of the sun on October 13. I hope it restores faith in man kind. I also pray the men with the talent to heal who took on the greed of evil money doctors turn over their tools and offer them to God not to destroy human life , The month of September was celebration at Padre Pio shrine and a Doctor told his story how he changed but his price was loosing his children. Come back with your co saviers and help the Lord restore peace and happiness in man kind, it a wonder God has not destroyed this earth from all the evil. We need peace, faith, love and trust honesty to lead us home to heaven to be with God..

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