End of Summer Parish Assignment

This weekend I finished my eight weeks assignment at Sts. Philip and James in Phillipsburg, NJ. I had a great summer living and working with the people of the parish. It was truly refreshing to be back in the parish and with the people of God after being away for so long. I have learned so many things being here.

I need to thank my pastoral, Fr. John Barbella for his guidance and witness during this summer and to Fr. Leo Salvania even though we only over lapped at the parish for a short period of time. Also, a thanks to all the many priests of the diocese that visited the parish throughout the summer. It was a pleasure to get to know you all better. A thanks to the deacons of the parish for your guidance this summer. A very special thanks to the ladies that help at the parish; Sandy, Cindy, and Nancy. Between entertaining my “help” at the office, taking care of us at the rectory, and everything in else you do for Fr. John and I, and the parish I am deeply grateful. And finally, to the parishioners, I thank you for your love and accepting me into your community. I thank you for your stories and our conversations.

Know of my prayers as I return to Rome. Please pray for me and my classmates that we might all become the holy priests that the Church needs and deserves.