Installation as Acolyte

Today my class and I were installed as Acolytes. This is the last ministry that I receive before petitioning for Ordination to the Deacon, God willing next year. You can see the pictures for the Mass here. An Acolyte receives the responsibilities of serving at the altar, or professional altar servers if you will. That is, the Church has now entrusted me with serving in assistance to the priest and deacon at Mass. I am also an extraordinary minister of holy communion through-out the whole Church, and I can in exceptional circumstances expose and repose the Blessed Sacrament for Adoration.

The moment of installation occurs when the presiding bishop hands a ciborium to the candidate (me) and says the words: ” Take this vessel with bread for the celebration of the eucharist. Make your life worthy of your service at the table of the Lord and of his Church.”