New Semester Check-In

This past semester was a long and busy semester. Tomorrow starts the spring semester. So I wanted to take a few moments to let everyone know what I’ve been up to these last several months.

This past summer, as I referenced in a post at the beginning of the summer here, was filled with many great opportunity. First, I had a wonderful backpacking trip on the Via Francigena in Northern Italian, more on that in the coming weeks. In the mean time here are the pictures. Right from the trail I had a great week and a half studying Italian in Verbania, which is on Lago Maggiore near the Swiss-Italian border. After studying Italian, I flew to China for a month to teach English. You can see pictures from my month here. After China I arrived back in Rome to help with orientation for the incoming class of seminarians here.

Last semester, once it finally arrived, was filled with nine classes on top of a busy house schedule. School and formation consumed the last several months of my life. One weekend I did get the opportunity to go hiking in the Apennines nearby. A small group of us attempted to climb Cornu Grande, the highest peak in the Apennine range. I was the only one with the proper snow gear, so we had to turn around half-way up the mountain. You can see the pictures here. This past Christmas I visited Budapest for a few days, pictures, and then went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land for a week. It was great to return to the holy sites. After finals a few weeks ago, I returned to the Via Francigena again for another four days. I plan to write more about this later, but until then pictures here.

This semester should be another very busy semester with another nine classes. That being said, I hope to post more regularly through out the semester. I have a things that I’ve made I’d like to share, hint I’ve gotten into making maps. Besides posting more regularly, you may have noticed my pictures are hosted somewhere new. I am moving my online photo storage from Amazon Photos to a self-hosted photo website at This gives me greater flexibility to how I can share my photos. It also provides a single easy way to view all the photos I post on this website.

Until next time, check out the photos and know of my prayers for everyone.

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