I’m Back!

I live! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. This past semester has been busy and I haven’t done many interesting things besides study. But, as of yesterday morning, I have finished my last final for this spring semester. I have officially finished my first year of Theology and year in Rome. (Though not calendar year, that will come in about a month). What an amazing and blessed year it has been. The Lord has truly blessed me with the various opportunities and experiences that I have had. I hope to write another post further reflecting on what this past year has been. Now that the semester is over I am finally on summer “break”. I will be spending my time doing a variety of activities and apostolic work on this side of the pond.

Before I move on to my summer, I want to speak a bit about the blog. I have spend a lot of time thinking about this blog and what image I want to show and what content to I want to provide. On one hand, talking about my travels allows my family and friends back home to see and experience a bit of what is happening in my life. On the other hand, it looks like all I do is travel around Europe, which could give the wrong impressions. After all, I’m not a travel blogger, but a seminarian. Just, my studies don’t tend to be that interesting to the average person unfortunately. With that in mind, I have yet to decide how I am going to change the content or what the future of the blog currently is. Over the next couple months this summer I hope to gain a clearer idea of what I want to do with this site.

With that out of the way, onto what my summer will look like. In the next few days I plan to write a reflection about this past year. I also recently made a map of the dioceses of New Jersey and printed it out on a poster. I’ll do a write up about the project with the completed poster once it comes-in in a few days. I only have until Friday to write these though. On Friday, I head out to go backpacking on the Via Francigena (the “Italian Camino”) for eight days in Northern Italy. We are starting at the Saint Bernard Pass on the Italian-Swiss border. The walking for eight days ending in what ever town that may be.

Right from the trail I am then going to Verbania, also in Northern Italy, to study Italian for one and a half weeks. From Verbania I head back to Rome for a few days before traveling to China for a month. Yes, you read that correctly, China. My main apostolate this summer will be teaching English in Jilin City, China with the Maryknoll Fathers. After China, I return back to Rome in mid August to help with regular orientation for next’s years New Men at the college here. Orientation is around two weeks and after it the second year begins and the summer is over. But first, some rest and relaxation before the summer adventures begin.

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