Roman Snow Day

Have you ever had one of those moments where you experienced something so wonderful and unexpected that you couldn’t have imagined it, let alone thought to ask for it? This morning was one of those moments. There were rumors that it was going to snow last night. I didn’t believe that it would snow, nor that it would stick with the ground moisture and temperature. When I woke up this morning, as I was preparing to head to the our chapel, I happened to glance outside and noticed that a few inches of snow covered the ground. This was the first wonderful thing that happened this morning. Today is the first time that it snowed in Rome in six years, and the second time in nearly thirty years.

Rome Snow: Early Morning
From early in the morning on my way to the chapel.

During breakfast, it was announced that classes were canceled at the college. Quickly the word spread that there would be a snowball shortly after breakfast. We have a nice soccer field that is perfect for such a thing. Instead, we headed over to St. Peter’s square and commenced to have an hour long snowball fight. There was several dozen seminarians, priests, and individuals also that happened to be there. Amongst the din of the snowball fights, a few intrepid seminarians build a snow pope in the center of the square. This all would be the second wonderful thing that happened. I couldn’t have ever hoped or thought that I would ever have an international snowball fight in St. Peter’s square.

Rome Snow: Roof 1
From the roof of the NAC looking at Saint Peter’s before the snowball fight.
Rome Snow: Via della Conciliazione
Looking down the Via della Conciliazione
Rome Snow: Entrance to St. Peter's Square
St. Peter’s as we enter into the square as the snow continues to fall.
Rome Snow: Seminarians
Group of seminarians I walked over to St. Peter’s right about we entered the square.
Rome Snow: St. Peter's 1
St. Peter’s as the snow falls.
Rome Snow: St. Peter's 2
St. Peter’s with seminarians throwing snowballs.
Rome Snow: Snow Pope
The snow pope
Rome Snow: St. Peter's 3
St. Peter’s after the snow stopped falling.

The morning climaxed with the arrival of the Venerable English College, which is the English Seminary in Rome. Naturally, this turned quickly into a re-enactment of the Revolutionary War. After an initial volley of snowballs, the national anthem could be heard arise from the Americans as we prepared snowballs for a single climactic volley. As we finished the anthem, we let loose a great volley of snowballs putting our English brothers to flight. This was the third and grandest wonder of the morning. Who could ever expect to have a snowball fight in St. Peter’s Square against our English brothers, while singing the national anthem.

Update: Video from @MollyAHBurhans  on Twitter, unfortunately the video won’t embed.

Rome Snow: Roof 2
Looking out over our soccer field.
Rome Snow: Roof 3
From our roof with St. Peter’s in the background.
Rome Snow: Roof 4
From our roof looking our over the city.
Rome Snow: Roof Panorama
Panorama from the roof with Rome covered in snow.
Rome Snow: Snowman
A large snowman built at the college.

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t have thought, guessed, expected or even wanted the morning that I did. Thanks be to God, that in His Divine Providence, He blessed us with such a wonderful morning.

You can see more pictures from me here and from the NAC here.

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